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TidalShift is an international award-winning learning and development firm. We help your people rise above ongoing change and get on top of the demand to do more. We help you lift the performance of your organization as a whole.

Procept Associates Ltd. Announces Acquisition of TidalShift Inc.

Bringing together two training companies leading in their respective fields, Procept Associates Ltd. has acquired 100% of the shares in TidalShift Inc.

“What first attracted us to TidalShift was its Organizational Lift ModelTM,” says Kevin Aguanno, President of Procept. “This model focuses on developing understanding, skills and behaviours in three areas of competency that underpin any organization’s ability to move ahead, allowing it to be adaptive, effective, and cohesive. We found that this comprehensive model well described the needs of our clients and provided a framework for improving their performance. Through this acquisition, Procept now has a structured way of moving from being a transactional training provider to becoming a strategic partner in achieving long-term performance improvements for our clients.”

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