The Next Wave in Learning and Development

We help your people rise above ongoing change and get on top of the demand to do ever more. We help you lift the performance of your organization as a whole.

The Next Wave in Learning and Development

Developing Resilient Organizations

For the Many, Not the Few

We’re not about making star performers shine a little brighter, or giving your top team an extra edge.

Instead, we believe helping all your people grow meaningfully better in the three core areas of skill that have a multiplier effect on your entire organization.


The Essential LIFT Skills

We’ve learned that each of these three skills sets reinforce and complement each other. And that to truly mobilize and lift your organization, these skills are all essential:

  • Thriving in change by mastering Change Management
  • Pulling together by mastering Leadership, Self-leadership & Team Work
  • Getting things done by mastering Initiative & Project Management

It’s Sustained Behaviour That Counts

We also believe that it’s not what your people know – or even what they can do – that makes a difference. It’s consistent performance that counts.

This takes taking learning beyond the classroom into actual practice where tangible business outcomes are realized. And it takes creating an environment that is truly conducive to the desired behaviours.

Grounded in Science

Our Learning Solutions Process™ is designed to do just that. It is grounded in the science of adult learning, based in research and perfected across two decades of helping people and organizations rise to their greatest challenges


Our Values

TidalShift is passionate about adding value to people’s lives by developing their talent and skills through change management, leadership and team development, and initiative and project management. We believe that assessments, training, and coaching help sustain the learning after class as well as improve overall performance of the individual, team and organization. Our vision is to effectively lift an organization as a whole by focusing on these key values and initiatives.

Respect – seek to establish inclusive relationships of mutual respect by demonstrating kindness and integrity as a foundation for trust.

Honesty – consistently demonstrate ethical and trustworthy behaviour when making decisions or taking action and encourage others to do the same to be seen as responsible, reliable and authentic. Communicate with each other in a fair, respectful and straightforward way.

Commitment – a promise to use a balanced approach to complete an agreed upon course of action while demonstrating trust and loyalty to the team, others and our partners.

Adventure – proactively seek to incorporate innovative, creative and unique solutions to lift an organizations potential.

Development – commit to providing professional, quality customer service to improve the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal growth development of individuals to effectively contribute more productively to the organization.

Fun – Approach all experiences with enthusiasm and enjoyment to seek positive outcomes and increase resilient behaviour.