Measuring performance is a key indicator of an organization's or individual’s success, growth and keeping them accountable. Managing performance involves having the right tools and resources at your disposal.


What We Offer

TidalShift enables targets to be set and goals to be achieved by providing various resources to our clients and when paired with quality content can effectively Lift Your Organization.

  1. Manager’s Reference Guide – Designed for managers to support and coach their employees after they have completed their learning objectives and practice it back at work. A special tool, design to facilitate the application of learning from the classroom to the workplace.
  1. Pre and post assessment surveys and metrics 
  1. Measurement and ROI – As a foundation, TidalShift uses the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation, a proven way to show accountability in a logical and rational way, to assist our clients, and how a clear link between learning activity and tangible performance improvements.

Success depends on:

  • Understanding your business and aligning our learning and development programs to support your corporate goals
  • Understanding the experience, requirements, and priorities of your staff
  • A cooperative and collaborative, learner-centric “classroom” (both onsite and online)
  • Expert instructors with extensive real-world project experience to teach, coach, and support participants
  • Applying knowledge to real projects for optimal retention and on-the-job application
  • Recognizing the importance of upper management support as a critical enabler to corporate success