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Culture and Change

The Reality of Change in a VUCA World

Strategic vs Tactical Change Management

What’s Old is New Again – Except for Project Management

Project Management Vs Change Management

Managing the Talent Risks of Strategy Execution

Challenge the Status Quo? No! Challenge the Change!

Change Agility

Do You Speak Change Management?

Change…Because I Said So

Helping Different Personalities Through Change

Watch your Blind Spots

Local Change Agent

To be an Effective Leader you need a good night’s sleep

Coaching Style of Leadership

How to Manage the Unknown that Comes with Constant Change

Thinking Beyond Change and Innovation – Engaging People to Drive Performance During Change

The Change Leadership Capability Gap Widens

Are You the Enemy of Change?

Changes that ‘Stick’: How to Integrate Change Management Strategies to Improve Project Success*

Interview with Al Nasturzio

Ten Ways to Increase Your Organization’s Resilience

Leadership Lessons from Hard Core Prisoners

Followership – The Other Half of Leadership

Powerful Communications

Soaring to New Heights – Breaking New Ground Through Risk Management 

Leading Change with Resilience**

5 Ways to Respond Effectively to Change Reactions

Increasing Accountability Competence in the Workplace

Personal Resilience Overview

Sustaining Change by Achieving Critical Mass

Lessons from a Dragon

Top Tips for a Successful PMP Exam Experience

What Makes a Great Change Leader

*Originally published in Municipal World, November 2016 Issue.

**Originally published in the Training Industry Magazine Spring 2015 Issue – Resilience concepts adapted from Resilience Alliance.


5 Things to Know About Your Non-Technical Audience

It’s Not What You Say It’s How You Say It

How Yoga Can Improve Your Presentation Skills

White Papers

Talent Portfolio Agility

Redefining Leadership: Engaging Multiple Generations

Organizational Lift Theory: Developing Resilient Organizations