Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

After you’ve left the classroom, it is easy to lose your way, spirit or simply get distracted by your work. Our coaching can make a big difference and help you overcome these hurdles.

Coaching Works

Focused on developing individuals within their current situation, coaching is a finite relationship that can be measured and results proven.  Success lies in the coach’s ability to draw solutions from the person being coached.  TidalShift’s seasoned professionals bring real life experience to bear on their coaching engagements. We can offer clients two ways to enhance results and develop their people:

  • Coaching as a standalone service for individuals or teams
  • Coaching as a reinforcement to training

The Right People and The Right Process

TidalShift coaching is especially effective because our coaches are highly experienced in both Leadership and Team Development, Change Management and Initiative and Project Management. Our coaches follow a structured process designed to maximize results.

  1. Establishing focus
  2. Discovering possibilities
  3. Planning the Action
  4. Removing Barriers
  5. Committing to Action and Measuring Impact

Benefits of Coaching

  • Addresses gaps in performance
  • Facilitates sustained behaviour change

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) has stated that students leave the training room ready to apply only 40% of what was delivered during training. Within 6 months and with no reinforcement, the participant will retain only 25% of what they took away. This results in only a 10% benefit.