Change Management

The ability to handle change is the new criteria for leadership success. Change is an inevitable reality for all modern-day businesses and as companies continue to struggle with too many competing priorities and a lack of overall planning, change management is becoming increasingly important.

TidalShift has found that many individuals and organizations are incapable of remaining productive during periods of change and do not have the process, tools and resources to cope with change effectively as they are being pulled in different, competing directions. TidalShift offers the processes and tools to enhance resilience amongst your team members. Resilience is the ability to remain productive during turbulence. Resilient employees achieve better outcomes for themselves and their organizations, so instead of resisting change, individuals and organizations Thrive in Change.

“Every leader must be a change agent, or face extinction.”

Summary of our Change Management Approach

Change Management Program & Course Offerings

TidalShift provides a full suite of courses and programs for classroom (virtual and in-person) training to move individuals and managers beyond implementation to innovation, change and competitive advantage. With our training, participants emerge with the ability to Thrive in Change by realizing tangible organizational and business outcomes that come in times of change and upheaval. This increases their ability to be resilient, and handle multiple changes, respond effectively and Lift Your Organization as a whole.

Public Offerings

Change Management

Schedule Course Name Location Cost Register Download
September 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27, 30 and October 4, 7, 2023 (half days) Change Management Practitioner™ (CMP) Certification Online $2,895.00* Register PDF
November 20–24, 27 and December 4–7, 2023 (half days) Change Management Practitioner™ (CMP) Certification Online $2,895.00* Register PDF

5 Day Change Management Program

Below is our suggested 5 day program. Our programs include individual and company assessments and coaching in order to sustain the learning. Each of our courses can also be taken individually and each program can be customized and tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

5 day Program




Change Management Certification Programs

Our Change Management certification programs offer intensive knowledge, understanding, and preparation to pass each of the following certification exams. Each program includes completion the exam. TidalShift is an APMG International Accredited Training Organization (ATO). As such, our experienced instructors are APMG certified.