Constructive Negotiation™ – Building Agreements That Work

Leadership and Team Development

LT140 | Length: 1 day | Credits: up to 7 PDUs | Talent Triangle – Leadership


Whether you are negotiating with colleagues, managers, suppliers, customers, or strategic business partners, it’s critical to be able to understand and use a negotiation process that focuses on achieving outstanding business results.

Constructive Negotiation™ uses the metaphor of designing and constructing a building to learn a positive, productive way of thinking about, planning for, and implementing negotiations. Rather than taking an adversarial or competitive approach to negotiation, this program approaches negotiation as a challenging opportunity to build an agreement that meets the needs of all parties. You will work on a real-world negotiation that you will be involved in after completing the program. Throughout this process, you gain the confidence and skills you need to conduct a successful and constructive negotiation.

Objectives & Outcomes

Participants Will:

  • Analyze the process of a negotiation, know the milestones toward achieving agreement, and manage the process effectively.
  • Identify important underlying needs for all parties and develop options for meeting them.
  • Develop a plan for a negotiation.
  • Choose appropriate behavioural tactics in any negotiation, formal or informal.
  • Move others toward a more constructive approach while in an adversarial negotiation.
  • Create strong, lasting, mutually beneficial agreements that meet the needs of all parties and build a negotiating relationship for the future.

Who Should Participate?

Individuals working in a project or team-based organization; individuals responsible for working with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, resellers, or service providers; individuals involved in continuous negotiation about priorities and resources.

Content Outline

What is Negotiation?

  • Introduction to key definitions and concepts; identification of real negotiation opportunities for later practice; multi-party benchmark exercise.

Model Overview

  • Review of benchmark exercise according to key concepts; presentation of process model; review of pre-work.

Negotiation Practice: Managing the Process

  • Short exercises to develop awareness of how to manage the negotiating process.

Understanding Needs and Options

  • Presentation and exercises for eliciting needs and developing options to meet them.

Tactical Attitude & Tactical Choices

  • Presentation and exercise for selecting a tactical approach; application of concepts to a realistic negotiation situation; in-depth discussion and practice in making tactical decisions.

Negotiation Practice: Phases and Milestones

  • Experience in managing all phases and tasks involved in a negotiation.

Planning and Implementing a Negotiation

  • Introduction to and implementation of a negotiation planning process; putting it all together in a realistic negotiation situation; debrief lessons learned.

Informal Negotiations

  • Applying knowledge to informal negotiation opportunities.

Dealing with Unconstructive Tactics

  • Practice in moving others toward a more constructive approach.

Real-Time Application

  • Creation of an application plan for an upcoming negotiation.

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