Creating a Culture of Risk and Innovation™ – A Guide for Leaders

Leadership and Team Development

LT 210 | Length: 1 day | Credits: 7 PDUs


It is not enough to encourage employees to take risks. Your organization’s culture must communicate clearly how you will support innovators who take intelligent risks. Too many organizations say that they want employees to take risks, but reward only final success—or worse, punish those who fall short because they moved beyond the boundaries of the known, safe choices.

In Creating a Culture for Risk & Innovation™, a companion program to Intelligent Risk-Taking™, leaders and managers learn how to support and encourage entrepreneurial risk-taking. Skills are developed to help stimulate, support, encourage, and coach employees to take intelligent risks.

Objectives & Outcomes

Participants Will:

  • Take leadership in moving their organizations and the people in them toward taking greater and more intelligent risks
  • Describe the role of the leader in managing risk factors
  • Explain how their personal approach to risk-taking and innovation affects their leadership style in relation to risk and innovation
  • Identify, practice, and apply leadership skills that encourage risk and innovation
  • Analyze and assess their own organization’s culture and begin to plan to create an intelligent risk-taking environment

Who Should Participate?

Executives, senior managers, and other leaders and managers who set direction and make decisions that can affect organizational culture.

Content Outline

The Intelligent Risk-Taking Culture

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of organizational culture and their relationship to risk and innovation


  • Examination of the core aspects of an organization and how they affect risk and innovation


  • Exploration of two elements in the strategy of organizations that have a great impact on risk and innovation

Managing Risk Factors

  • The role of the manager and leader in dealing with the costs, benefits, and probabilities involved in risk decision-making


  • Review of specific organizational structures and processes that have an impact on risk and innovation


  • Practice session: leadership skills for promoting, supporting, and coaching for innovation and intelligent risk-taking

Creating and Supporting an Intelligent Risk-Taking Culture

  • Summary of insights and alternatives to create and support a more innovative organizational culture and system

Change Planning

  • Development of action steps to move toward the needed changes

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