Exercising Influence® – Building Relationships and Getting Results

Leadership and Team Development

LT100 | Length: 1 day | Credits: 7 PDUs | Talent Triangle – Leadership


Today’s organizations run on influence. Influence enables you to build the relationships you need to get results inside or outside the formal power structure.  To be successful in busy cross-functional organizations, you need to be skillful and flexible in the way you influence others.

This accelerated learning program uses “fitness model” to help develop strength, focus, and flexibility as an influencer. Feedback – gathered before, during and after the program – provides valuable insights into individual strengths and learning needs. Learn new skills as you work on real-world business situations. Through a series of exercises, learn how to plan and prepare for important influence opportunities up, down, across, and outside your organization. Exercising Influence® is a just-in-time learning opportunity, enabling immediate application of new skills to resolve problems and conflicts and achieve outstanding business results.

Objectives & Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Use influence models to help them develop effective influence behaviors and a strategic and tactical approach to influence.
  • Evaluate how they currently use influence behaviors and identify areas for development.
  • Develop and practice a variety of influence behaviors which they have identified as important to achieving successful results.
  • Establish clear and powerful influence goals.
  • Design and approach for formal and informal influence situations; apply the approach to a real-life situation.

Who Should Participate?

Individuals who want to improve their influence skills can benefit from attending this program. This program is especially valuable to project leaders, managers, executives, and individuals responsible for implementing change.

Content Outline

The Nature of Influence

  • Introduction to key definitions and concepts; identification of real influence opportunities for later practice.

Influence Framework

  • Analysis of the “big picture” affecting influence success.

Model Overview

  • Benchmark exercise; review and practice sessions introducing the tactics and behaviour model.


  • Review of feedback and development of individual learning goals.


  • Focused practice on specific behaviours with targeted feedback.

Influence Goals and Approach

  • Introduction to planning for influence results.

Behaviour Workouts

  • Planning and interactive practice and feedback in realistic situations.

Planning an Influence Approach

  • Full planning process for an important upcoming influence opportunity.

Maintaining and Improving Influence Fitness

  • Learning summary, applications, and follow-up recommendations.

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