Getting Results From Virtual Meetings

CW-8245 | Length: 1/2 day | Credits: 0.5 PDUs | Talent Triangle – Leadership


A shift to virtual work provides an opportunity to reset your meetings. Learn how to plan and run productive meetings that lead to better results. We will explore common barriers to meeting success, key ingredients for productivity, and how to use virtual meeting tools to make them better.

This experiential virtual workshop will help you assess and improve your meetings. Hosted on a virtual platform, we will start with a grounding in meeting success factors, and then show how to use virtual platform tools to support meeting productivity, collaboration, and results. You will receive a checklist and templates to use to improve your upcoming meetings.

Objectives & Outcomes

Participants will:

  • By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Plan and run more productive virtual meetings
  • Identify actions to improve your most frequently held meetings
  • Use virtual meeting tools and activities to improve collaboration, engagement, and results
  • Support virtual meeting success in your organization

Who Should Participate?

This course is appropriate for individuals who are:

  • Leading or about to lead a team across geographical boundaries.
  • Considering implementing virtual teams in their organization and would like to be prepared for the advantages and disadvantages of such team structures.

Content Outline


  1. Common barriers to meeting success
  2. How to plan a great meeting
  3. Achieving better communication in meetings
  4. Using virtual platform tools and activities to improve your collaboration
    • How to create a productive climate in your meetings
    • Keeping people engaged
    • How to use chat, annotate, whiteboard, polling, breakouts, screen share and more to enhance collaboration, problem solving, decision making, innovation and meeting productivity
  5. Adjusting your approach for different meeting types
  6. Putting it into action

Intact Training includes a Team Meeting Improvement Action Planning activity