Inspirational Leadership™ – Encouraging Others to Do Great Things

Leadership and Team Development

LT 230 | Length: 1 day | Credits: 7 PDUs


Challenging times require extraordinary leaders. In this intensive program, leaders begin by looking inward, focusing on what inspires and motivates them. They learn and practice key skills for inspiring others and then select a project and form action-learning teams to apply what they have learned in a way that helps create an inspiring culture within their organization.

This powerful, experiential program provides leaders with the insights and skills to inspire team members to believe in the extraordinary work they can do together if everyone contributes and builds the vision of success together.

Objectives & Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Define inspirational leadership and describe the relationship between inspiration and motivation
  • Explore their personal mission, values, and vision and help others to articulate theirs
  • Facilitate the development of a team vision
  • Demonstrate inspirational leadership skills such as inspiring, engaging, building trust, and sustaining commitment
  • Apply skills and knowledge to a new leadership opportunity and form action learning cohorts to support and expand one another’s development as leaders

Who Should Participate?

Formal and informal leaders, high-potential managers and executives; idea champions.

Content Outline


  • Define leadership and inspirational leadership; differentiate between leadership and management

Motivation and Inspiration

  • Review of key motivation theories; clarify differences and relationship between motivation and inspiration; introduction of intrinsic motivation tool; discussion of individual differences in motivation

Understanding One’s Own Mission, Values, and Vision

  • Development of a “Leadership Crest” signifying core principles

Learning about Others’ Mission, Values, and Vision

  • Practice in drawing others out about core principles

Your Leadership Voyage

  • Reflection on one’s development as a leader; practice in communicating key points and lessons learned through “leadership storytelling”

Inspirational Leadership Characteristics

  • Introduction of Inspirational Leadership Characteristics model; relate to skills and actions of selected leaders

Leadership Skills Model

  • Introduction and clarification of Inspirational Leadership behavior model

Skill Practice: Inspiring, Engaging, Building Trust, and Sustaining

  • Intensive practice and feedback on inspirational leadership skills

Creating an Inspiring Culture

  • Development of an inspiring team vision; commitments to take action

Learning Project/Learning Teams

  • Identification of an application project and formation of action learning teams

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