Managing Project Procurement

Initiative & Project Management

IP240 | Length: 1-2 days | Credits: 14 PDUs | Talent Triangle – Technical


This workshop is designed to provide an overall understanding of contracting and procurement management from the point of view of the buyer (i.e. the Project Manager).

It follows the content of the one-day course, Managing Project Procurement, but provides more time for group work on case study and exercise material.

It begins with identifying which products and services should be bought and covers all the steps of the process through contract close-out.  There is an emphasis on those interactions that directly impact the Project Manager. Participants learn a model comprised of six procurement management processes:

  • Plan Procurements
  • Conduct Procurements
  • Control Procurements
  • Close Procurements

The steps within each process are clearly described, and participants immediately apply the new skills using case study exercises.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Define the importance of Project Procurement Management.
  • Understand overall acquisition and contract management elements.
  • Describe components of procurement management.
  • Describe PMI’s® perspective on Project Procurement Management.
  • Develop quality procurement processes– from procurement planning and solicitation through contract close-out.
  • Create Project Procurement Plans, aligning procurement efforts with the desired project outcome.

Instructional Strategies

This workshop utilizes brief lectures, guided discussions, short case studies, and hands-on application exercises in small teams. Participants are encouraged to share real-life experiences and participate in class discussions. 


Project Managers and team members working with contracts and contractors.

Note: This course is designed for those who need an awareness of contract and procurement processes and issues for executing project work. It is not a course for procurement professionals or contract lawyers.


None, although a project management experience involving some procurement will help maximize the learning from this course.

Content Outline

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Supplier – Customer SIPOC Model
  • Introduce Case Study
  • Define procurement and procurement relationships

Module 2 – Plan Procurements (Process 1)

  • Identify the seven procurement management steps
  • Develop a procurement management plan
  • Confirm scope
  • Select a contract type

Module 3 – Conduct Procurements

  • Understand the two steps for ‘Request Seller Responses’ process
  • Participate in the four steps of ‘Select Sellers’ process
  • Manage a solicitation process
  • Apply the evaluation criteria to select a seller

Module 4 – Administer Procurements

  • Define the Administer Procurement (contract) process
  • Build contract change control system into the project’s change control system

Module 5 – Close Procurements

  • Define the contract closure process
  • Conduct a post-contract review

Module 6 – Recap

  • Review of Key Points


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