Planning and Executing Effective Requirements JAD Sessions

Business Analysis

BA709 | Length: 1 day


This course focuses on the Joint Application Development approach as applied to requirements elicitation, analysis, communication, verification, and approval (RJAD). The course provides essential information and skills needed to integrate JAD sessions into your project requirements gathering strategy.

As with any tool, RJAD mastery can come only through experience. This workshop gives you everything you need to get started immediately with RJAD, taking advantage of best practices, and avoiding the many costly and serious mistakes related to RJAD.


None. However, due to the 1 day nature of the course, topical coverage will be limited to the essentials. It is understood that each topical area represents a knowledge area of significant breadth and depth. For this reason, this course is not recommended for those who are completely unfamiliar with or new to the principles and practices of business analysis and, to a lesser degree, project management.

Content Outline

Unit 1: Requirements JAD and Project Requirements

  • The four underlying principles of JAD.
  • Implications for: Project management, in-house and outsource development, product and application release management, human resource and project team structure, process engineering, system functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Applicability: Cost, benefit, and risk analysis.
  • Comparative analysis with other requirements capture, analysis, verification, and quality techniques.

Unit 2: Requirements JAD Planning and Preparation

  • Orientation: Requirements JAD Planning and preparation templates, checklists, and tools.
  • How to scope and configure Requirements JAD Session Sets.
  • How to define Requirements JAD deliverables and critical success factors.
  • How to identify Requirements JAD participants according to clearly defined roles.
  • Preparing your Requirements JAD session preparation material.
  • Delivering the pre-JAD briefing.
  • Identifying and managing the logistics.

Unit 3: Managing and Facilitating the Requirements JAD Sessions

  • Templates, Checklists and Tools for Use During the Requirements JAD Sessions.
  • Starting the session correctly: Tips and traps.
  • Running the Requirements JAD as a self-contained project.
  • In-stream recording of progress.
  • Maintaining role clarity and conformance.
  • Proactive conflict item identification and management.
  • Consensus building.
  • Maintaining the focus on decision making and accountability.
  • Maintaining the focus on deliverables.
  • Facilitating in-stream verification of requirements.
  • Facilitating serial discovery, discussion and decision making activities.
  • Facilitating parallel activities with breakout groups and convergence tracking.
  • Staying on track: dealing with tangents and off-topic crusades.
  • Diagnostic modeling and Investigative process.
  • Building an action plan.

Unit 4: Post Requirements JAD Documentation and Communication

  • Integrating Requirements JAD findings within the formal requirements documentation set.
  • Action planning.

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