New Team Agility Seminar

Leadership and Team Development

Length: 2 days


The Team Agility Seminar™ is a two-day highly interactive workshop designed to build a roadmap for organizational improvement. The course teaches teams how to continually sense and explore customer and marketplace opportunities in order to respond faster than the competition. If your team is poised to exploit these opportunities by acting with speed and surprise then your company will clearly have the advantage.

What Your Team Will Learn

  • Why agility is so important today
  • Why it is important to become an agile team
  • What makes up an agile team
  • How to move from a group of individuals to a high performance agile team
  • How to achieve a team vision

What Your Team Will Be Able to Do

  • Anticipate Change by understanding your ‘force of change’ to sense and respond faster than your competition.
  • Generate Confidence by learning the essence of positive leadership and the difference between having a winning or losing culture.
  • Initiate Action by learning both the expectation and process for defining priorities and action.
  • Liberate Thinking by involving people, processes and technology to stay committed to fresh, innovative thinking.
  • Evaluate Results by measuring what gets done! Measurement teaches and communicates our value system.

This course is used with permission from Agility Consulting & Training, LLC ©2017

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