Team Collaboration Program

Leadership and Team Development

LT310 | In class ½ day, coaching sessions 2 – ½ days, 2 months apart

Build, Develop and Design your Team


As Kolbe® Certified Consultants, TidalShift uses the Kolbe wisdom to assess team productivity, barriers to performance and develop strategies to work more effectively together.

The Team Onsite Workshop is a dynamic half day session lead by a Kolbe Certified Consultant that provides an interactive way to explore the workings of all staff members. By analyzing the results of the team’s Kolbe indexes, you will be able:

  • To identify each staff members instinctive strengths,
  • Review the team analysis reports and identify the implications for the team
  • Discuss how to best leverage talents so team members consistently and effectively work together
  • Additionally, the team will also create strategies to work more effectively together, as well as how to manage and avoid team breakdowns
  • Provide tools to improve communication.

The onsite workshop includes:

  • Online Kolbe A indexes with colour report/online access to each participant
  • Bottom Lines booklet for each participant
  • Complete set of Productivity Reports including a Spreadsheet of Strengths and a Productivity Report

Integration: Team Leader debrief and consultation

Following the workshop, the Kolbe Consultant conducts a 1 hour confidential conversation with the Leader about how to best work with each team members in the application of their talents to respective accountabilities. These discussions play an integral role in understanding how best to support the team member’s individual development. The Leader receives Coaching Reports for each individual.

Integration: Participant debrief and coaching

Additional confidential conversations are held between the individual participants and the Kolbe Consultant to understand the implication of the results to their day to day work and to discuss and create individual leadership strategies to support development

Session 2: Recap and Debrief

One to three months after the Team Seminar, the group will engage in a 90 minute conversation to:
Revisit the team implications from session 1 and review progress

  • Share individual insights and applications since the last sessions
  • Commit to new actions and course corrections

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