The Power of Collaboration

Leadership and Team Development

Length: 1 day


In theory, collaboration is a great concept. People talk in the workplace about building a collaborative team and working collaboratively. However, very few understand how to improve team dynamics by collaborating effectively, how to truly experience what team work is, or even how to develop an exceptional team. In this interactive, compelling and thought-provoking session, you will learn how to harness the power of collaboration to build highly effective teams and improve relationships. You will also learn how to increase engagement and morale amongst staff. By collaborating with employees at different levels within an organization and leveraging their unique personalities, you can work more collaboratively, drive performance and achieve exceptional results.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:
•Actionable methods to leverage the strengths, personal styles and generational differences of individuals to create a more collaborative environment
•Powerful communication techniques when influencing and collaborating with others
•Ways to overcome challenges impacting your team’s ability to work collaboratively together
•Leadership strategies to improve performance and collaboration during stages of team development
•Proven practices to harness the power of collaboration, resolve conflict and improve team effectiveness


This course is intended for all members of a team, including the team leader.


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