Development is About Results

Our courses and programs enable your people to transfer what they learn in the classroom to behaviours they consistently practice on the job – behaviours that lead to business results. TidalShift's offerings deliver results because of what we develop, how we develop and who we develop.

What We Develop

We develop understanding, skills and behaviours in three areas of competency that enable your organization to move ahead:

  • Thriving in change through Change Management
  • Pulling together through Leadership. Self-Leadership & Team Development
  • Getting things done through Initiative & Project Management

Our Organizational Lift programming integrates these competencies for real world relevance. Special overview modules inform your leaders about how Organizational Lift creates a more capable, responsive organization.

How We Develop

Our full Learning Solutions Process™ is based on the science of adult learning, authoritative research and delivery that’s optimized for the learner. So people really learn.

Plus, we connect the dots that stretch from your objectives to accountability for outcomes. So people really perform.

Who We Develop

We focus on developing your people as a whole, so your whole organization gets traction, not just the exceptional few.


Change Management

Thriving In Change


Leadership & Team Development

Pulling Together


Initiative & Project Management

Getting Things Done


Organizational Lift

Raising Your Game