Leadership & Team Development

A great portion of resiliency within an organization begins with strong leadership and team development. To be an effective leader and who works within a team requires strong people skills as well as practical, tactical and technical skills.

In today’s complex organizations, effectively working with and managing teams is often the difference between success and failure. TidalShift has found that organizations do not always have people with the necessary skills to be leaders and managers. To be a leader and work in teams today, you require strong people, communications and collaborative skills. Employees need to be able to lead others by Pulling Together to form a cohesive organization. TidalShift understands these challenges and has put together several solutions to support your organization. The result is an increase in self-awareness around behaviours that work and don’t work. Our programs and courses develop skills that impact people in a positive way, foster collaboration, drive results and promote accountability.

“By focusing on a few key behaviours, I can really improve how I interact with others.”

Summary of our Leadership & Team Development Approach

Leadership & Team Development Program & Course Offerings

Our leadership and team development programs take into account the balance of individual and team capabilities, the impact on performance, and the available and required support. TidalShift works with clients to ensure that the programs align with corporate direction and strategic initiatives. Our programs have proven to improve how teams function, increasing the organization’s performance by contributing to Lifting Your Organization as a whole.

5 Day Leadership & Team Development Program

Below is our suggested 5 day program. Our programs include individual and company assessments and coaching in order to sustain the learning. Each of our courses can also be taken individually and each program can be customized and tailored to fit your organization’s needs.



Fundamentals/Emerging Leaders