Developing Organizational Resilience

TidalShift’s approach is grounded in Organizational Lift. Organizational Lift is a method for mobilizing organizations to deliver business results. It enables organizations in every sector to thrive in the face of ongoing change and the call for ever-greater performance.



Essential Lift Skills

OLT develops understanding, skills and behaviours in three areas of competency that underpin any organization’s ability to move ahead:

  • Thriving in change
  • Pulling together
  • Getting things done

Ensuring Results

TidalShifts’ six-step Learning Solutions Process™ delivers persistent behaviour changes. It is based on the science of adult learning coupled with best practices in strategy execution.

At the heart of our Learning Solutions is a course design and delivery approach that’s structured around Development That Actually Works.™


A Solution for Behavioural Change


TidalShift’s Learning Solutions Process™ connects the dots to results. It embeds advanced training in a true strategy execution cycle.

The Learning Solutions Process™ links strategic objectives to assessment, training, coaching, sustainment and accountability.

Learning Solutions transforms development from a cost into an investment.


Six Steps to Business Results

  1. LIFT Objectives: Identify the organization’s strategic Lift objectives
  2. Assessment: Determine the level of need for individuals, work groups or the organization as a whole based on LIFT objectives
  3. Training: Provide an instructional experience that motivates the learner while developing relevant skills and behaviours
  4. Coaching: Build coaching formally into development to help people master behaviours and address individual concerns and challenges
  5. Sustainment: Provide ongoing learner directed support such as: exercises; reference and instructional materials, self-assessments and access to neutral, confidential experts
  6. Accountability: Define the performance expectations, measure & report and set rewards or consequences




How Development Actually Works

Development That Actually Works™  is more than illuminating content or charismatic delivery.

It’s development that’s built for lasting behaviour change.

  1. Behaviour change starts with a methodology based on the science of adult learning.
  2. It employs research-based course content that’s proven to work.
  3. And it uses a delivery approach that’s optimized around the learner – leveraging the learner’s actual work challenges.

This is a platform for elevating the performance of all your people.



We’re for the Many. Not the Few.

TidalShift is not about making star performers shine a little brighter. Or giving your top team an extra edge.

Instead, we believe in helping all your people grow meaningfully better in the competencies that matter most.

We help you develop an organization that’s more responsive to your top team’s leadership.

For more detailed information please read the OLT White Paper.