Organizational Lift

Organizational Lift is the result of integrating our three areas of competency: Change Management, Leadership and Team Development, and Initiative & Project Management. The overall effect is an organization that produces better business results.

In our experience, all organizations struggle with issues surrounding Change Management, Leadership and Team Development and Initiative & Project Management. Often organizations experience pain because people in management and leadership roles do not have the necessary processes, tools and skills for planning and managing change or progress. There are too many competing priorities and resources are not managed properly. TidalShift recognizes that you need to train leaders to be able to manage themselves so they can act effectively. We have developed specialized courses and programs to better equip individuals and organizations to take change in stride, develop and nurture the leaders of tomorrow and build organization momentum. Our programs effectively Lift Your Organization.

For more detailed information please see Approach or read the White Paper.

“This was seriously the best program I’ve ever taken. Practical, valuable and directly applicable to my role.”

Summary of our Organizational Lift Approach

5 Day Organizational Lift Program

Below is our suggested 5 day introductory program. Our programs include individual and company assessments and coaching in order to sustain the learning. Each of our courses can also be taken individually and each program can be customized and tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

5 day Program


For further programs and courses specifically in the other three interconnected areas please click on the following: Change ManagementLeadership and Team Development, and Initiative & Project Management.