Leading to Results

TidalShift’s partners are the leading authorities in their categories. They share our commitment to research foundation correlated to actual job performance.

Our Partners

Resilience Alliance

TidalShift has become a registered licensee of Resilience Alliance® with full qualifications to administer and assess individuals using the Resilience Alliance® assessment tool and a fully accredited trainer of their courseware.  Resilience Alliance approaches are practical, simple, flexible, and compatible with multiple change management methodologies.  http://resiliencealliance.com


APMG International

TidalShift is an APMG Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for Change Management. APMG’s Change Management certification is designed to help organizations and their people effectively deal with change and its impact. Based on the concepts within the book Making Sense of Change Management, the courses explore the dynamics of effective change and will enable you to successfully implement, lead, and sustain organizational change. http://www.apmg-international.com/APMG-International Change Management is a trade mark of The APM Group Limited. The APMG-International Change management and Swirl Device Logos are trademarks of the APM Group Limited.


Barnes & Conti Associates Inc.

Achieving great results quickly is critical in today’s complex and competitive global business environment. Barnes & Conti provides leadership development to help you build the capabilities essential for influencing, decision-making, innovating, and managing change. Our engaging, interactive methodology, clear and robust models, and applicability to everyday work will help formal and informal leaders move their best ideas into action. www.barnesconti.com


Kolbe Corp.

TidalShift has become a registered licensee of Kolbe Corp with full qualifications to administer and assess individuals using the Kolbe Concept®, a concept that identifies the striving instincts that drive an individual’s natural behaviour to solving problems (drive, urges, innate power, talents, unchanging).www.kolbe.com


Inscape Publishing (DiSC®)

TidalShift is an authorized distributor of Inscape Publishing products. Specifically utilizing DiSC® to assist clients in assessing and understanding their people and the potential impact for their business. www.inscapepublishing.com