Our Team: We Make the Difference

Kevin Aguanno
David Donaldson
Director, Client Solutions
Kerry Brockie
National Account Director
Kari Iregi
National Account Director, Western Region
Scott Roberts
Marketing Specialist
Sheila Ayer
Program Coordinator
Catherine Daw
Coaching Practice Lead
Gabriella Fermo
Senior Facilitator & Learning Consultant
Barb Rosen Schreiber
Senior Facilitator and Leadership Coach
Victoria Mlynko
Senior Facilitator and Leadership Coach
Elizabeth Keurvorst
Change Management Facilitator & Coach
Jill Hooper
Senior Leadership Facilitator
Michael Lemiski
Senior Project Consultant & Facilitator
Carolynne Wintrip
Senior Facilitator & Learning Consultant
Kirk Fox
Senior Leadership Facilitator & Executive Coach
Beth Wallace
Senior Facilitator
Dr. Nick Horney, Ph.D.
Senior Facilitator
Dr. Eleanor Lester
Change Management Coach
Reginald Scotland
Senior Project Management Facilitator
Ian Dunin-Markiewicz
Senior Learning Consultant
Sylvie Rimbach
Performance & Training Specialist