Our Staff

Ian Dunin-Markiewicz
Senior Learning Consultant

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Ian Dunin-Markiewicz is a senior learning consultant for TidalShift. When Ian went into school he studied Computer Science and Mathematics with the goal of making computers smarter. When he came out of school, his focus turned 180 degrees: Ian found himself developing computer programs to make people smarter. Training others has been his sole focus ever since.

Along the way Ian has worked closely with many mentors, picking up new skills and techniques, learning how large-scale projects succeed (and fail), adopting new technologies, working alone, or in small teams or imbedded in large corporations. He has worked in finance, insurance, energy, retail, transportation, and government. The topics have varied equally: compliance, new procedures, project management, on-boarding, systems implementation, risk management.

With a background in computer science, Ian often finds himself developing system training, or working along side the Learning Management Systems team to ensure courses are implemented correctly. He has hands-on experience with most of the major eLearning authoring systems.

For over 25 years, Ian has applied his training and performance support expertise to create hundreds of hours of facilitator-led, blended and online solutions and these projects have required him to fulfill many roles: from project manager, to curriculum designer, to instructional designer, to lead facilitator, to content and product developer.