Our Staff

Leora Stoll
National Account Director

Leora Stoll is a business development specialist. She has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. Being highly organized and motivated, she can recognize the potential in individuals and organizations, bringing it to action quickly and efficiently. She is known for her keen critical thinking skills and application-related techniques; facilitating the creation of strategic alliances between organizations of all stripes -business, cultural and humanitarian alike.


Her activities over the years have included business development, educating, lobbying,

alliance building, public speaking and fundraising. Her passion is to watch people reach their potential inside and outside their organizations based on awareness and  education.


Clients  count  on  her  to  evaluate  business opportunities and position them for success in the marketplace. Leora has a keen understanding of the role of government in our society and works closely with Procept’s current government clients at the municipal, regional, and provincial levels to ensure the best training and consulting is brought to their staff to meet identified and hidden needs.

Contact: leora.stoll@tidalshift.ca