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Michael Lemiski P.Eng., PMP
Senior Project Consultant & Facilitator

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Michael Lemiski, is a results-driven Senior Project Consultant and Facilitator with certification in TidalShift’s extensive training program. He has over 20 years of experience as project office director, engineering manager, project and portfolio manager, consultant and project planning facilitator. Michael has a proven track record advising and leading multi-disciplinary project teams in engineering and technical services, communications, rail & air transportation, information systems, financial services and leading edge technology projects

With over 15 years direct Project Management experience, Michael has led a number of successful projects. As an engineering manager, manager of projects and project manager he managed power plant design modification projects valued up to 30M$. As a director with responsibility for managing eighteen IT project managers, he led the implementation of an Project Management Office. As a training specialist, he develops and delivers courseware in both corporate and graduate school environments with a keen focus on project scope, schedule and cost management tools and techniques.

Michael has a wealth of experience in establishing project management offices, implementation of project management processes, and both standalone and enterprise project management software tools.He works effectively with all levels of the organization and is a solid facilitator for project planning and project management process implementation.

With a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto, Michael obtained his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 1994.

Michael finds creative expression in photography, and in an eclectic mix of music performance on electric bass cello and vibraphone.