Summary of Organizational Lift Approach

Organizational Lift Composite



OL Composite Competencies

OL focuses on developing understanding, skills and consistent behaviours in three interconnected areas of competency. These competencies underpin every organization to move ahead:

  • Thriving in change by mastering Change Management Skills

  • Pulling together by mastering Leadership, Self-leadership & Team Development Skills

  • Getting things done by mastering Initiative & Project Management Skills

Development that Actually Works™

There is a formidable difference between conceptual learning and consistent behavioural performance. Development That Actually Works™ – that actually results in improved performance – requires a delivery methodology and type of content that has been proven to achieve consistent results. This is a TidalShift difference.

Organizational Lift Theory identifies three constituent components needed to deliver successful, consistent, optimal results. Starting from the ground up, they are:

TidalShift Training Philosophy