The Change Leadership Capability Gap Widens


Published: January 2017

The Change Leadership Capability Gap Widens:
Four reasons why change management certification is a “must have” for business success.

Over the past decade, change has become the top business worry and heightened challenge for organizations. Per a recent Bersin report₁, navigating change is more challenging than driving profitability or finding key talent. The capability gap for building great leaders is widening and only 48% of leaders are perceived as “driving change and innovation”₂.

Not surprisingly, the success rate of major change initiatives in organizations is only 54%. Change initiatives end up floundering for many reasons, including: projects are rolled out too quickly or are poorly thought through; a lack of skills to sustain an initiative over time; organizations are remiss in recognizing the impact of existing corporate culture; failure to recognize the extent of mid-level and frontline people to “make” or “break” a change initiative; and poor communication strategies – to name a few.

If you are the change sponsor or are responsible for driving change initiatives within your organization, a refreshed Change Management Certification has become the global standard practice for leading organizations. APMG International is the leading disciplinary body for change management knowledge and is fully aligned with the Change Management Institute (CMI). APMG International Change Management Practitioner™ (CMP) Certification is rapidly becoming the standard for today’s effective global change leaders.

Our Top 4

Industry insights suggest organizations are investing in change management certification for one of the following reasons:

1. Their Current Change Management Toolbox Is Too Narrow.

Recent studies have shown that organizations who understand global change management leading best practices are three times more likely to succeed. Do your change leaders have access to a broadened change toolbox that addresses change for the individual as well as the organization and is inclusive of stakeholder engagement? Does it draw on the benefits of global best practice change models and approaches?

2. The Organization Is Tied to One Change Approach.

Today’s business thrives on change leaders who understand the various types of change and how they impact organizations. Do your change leaders have the know how to draw on a broad range of change models/approaches to effectively achieve desired outcomes? Can your change leaders identify and work with all stakeholders? Does your organization’s current change methodology engage the workforce and achieve desired results while seamlessly navigating multiple change initiatives – both those currently underway and those on the horizon?

3. Change Fatigue Is Creeping In.

Fatigue is a common problem in organizational change management. Leaders set out eagerly and often too quickly; pumped with expectations and visions of success. When change failure sets in – the blame game begins. Targets are often labeled as being “unrealistic” and assumptions set in that people were not up to task. The blame game erodes morale and sets the stage for perpetual cynicism to set in: A.K.A. change fatigue. Does your organization provide the continuous training needed to successfully drive change and avoid change fatigue?

4. Your Millennials Will Become the Next Change Leaders – Are They Ready?

These change driven challenges become even more critical as tenured leaders begin to retire at ever accelerating rates. Millennials will soon assume the leadership role – by 2025, they will comprise 75% of the workforce. Are your future leaders prepared? Can they influence change? Do they have the self-awareness to successfully lead change? Do they have access to the knowledge and mentors they need to model best practice change management?

APMG International Change Management Practitioner™ (CMP) Certification
APMG International Change Management Practitioner™ (CMP) Certification is a leading globally recognized certification that expands the spectrum of practical change management knowledge. CMP Certification explores the impact of the most critical areas of change and takes a comprehensive approach that comprises the individual, the organization, stakeholder engagement, and change best practices. The CMP’s expanded toolbox, combined with a broadened change model approach, is mission critical to helping your organization’s current and future – formal and informal – change leaders drive and build successful change management practices, all the while avoiding the common pitfalls associated with change fatigue.

TidalShift is an APMG International Accredited Training Organization (ATO). Learn more about our Change Management skill development and certification programs.

(1) Bersin by Deloitte, High-Impact Leadership: The New Leadership Maturity Model.
(2) Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital Trends report.