Web Resources

The Leadership Resource

Discover the leadership insights for achieving your leadership potential with the practical and relevant information found here.

Business Balls.com

Free career help, business training, organizational development – inspirational, innovative ideas, materials, exercises, tools, templates.

Harvard Business Review

HBR.org strives to be the source of the best new ideas for people creating, leading, and transforming business. Includes blogs, videos, podcasts, articles and much more.


Mind Tools teaches more than 600 skills that help you excel at work and in your life. Learn leadership, management, decision-making, communication skills and more.

Tom Peters Homepage

Digital home of business author and speaker Tom Peters. His blog, videos, books, slides, free stuff, and more!

Geert Hofstede’s Homepage – Cultural Dimensions and Work

This website provides you with insights on Hofstede’s research and outcomes, book tips, applications, video clips and much more!

Canadian Policy Research Networks

Excellent resource for learning, healthy workplaces and organizational development issues in Canada. As of December 23, 2009, CPRN is no longer operational however the website is now hosted as archival material.

Jim Collin’s Homepage

Free access to videos, audios, articles, & tools to aid in understanding and applying the ideas from Jim’s books and research to both business and life.

Marshall Goldsmith’s Online Library

Filled with free articles, columns, interviews, webcasts, podcasts, audios and even videos.

Meg Wheatley’s Homepage

Website of writer and management consultant Meg Wheatley includes various articles, videos and podcasts.

Warren Bennis’ Homepage

Consists of many insights on his books including events such as webinars and conferences.

Henry Mintzberg’s Homepage

Website has recent papers, interviews and talks including work and life, with great links to recent topics of interest.

The Institute for Performance and Learning

Formerly the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD), The Institute for Performance and Learning is a not-for-profit organization developing workplace learning professionals. The Institute guides existing practitioners and helps Canadian employers and public policy makers understand how to evaluate – and support – the role of workplace performance and learning across Canada.