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The Dynamic Duo – PM & CM Team Up for Excellence

Traditionally the worlds of Project Management and Change Management have been considered separate entities, with separate methodologies and separate applications. By combining the best of PM’s formal process and CM’s ability to influence and help people work through change, we are getting results that exceed the sum of their parts. 

Tips to Increase Your Organization’s Resilience

A resilient organization is one that can sustain high levels of performance while experiencing a lot of disruption. In this interactive webinar, Gregg Brown will examine characteristics of resilient organizations and explore some of the recent research on resilient organizations with Linda Hoopes of Resilience Alliance. Gregg will explore with Linda the concept of resilience, the different types of disruption, (both internal and external) and how an organization can adjust to its environment and avoid significant drops in performance. 

Powerful Communication: The Cornerstone for Gaining Commitment to Change

Effective leaders recognize and understand that resistance is greatest when change is unexpected or unexplained. As a result, they take a proactive approach by developing strategies and compelling communications to minimize resistance, as well as help individuals move through the change curve towards commitment. Communication strategies need to be well thought out and purposeful to create excitement and mobilize people to take action. In this engaging webinar, you will learn how to create a sense of urgency for the change, how to address individual concerns, and what people need communicated to them in order to gain their commitment to the change. 

Developing Resilience During Change

When an individual is experiencing high levels of change, their capacity to adapt can rapidly be depleted. Resilience and the ability to remain productive during turbulence helps people achieve better outcomes for themselves and their organizations. Join us for our free webinar on how to develop resilient behaviours during times of change. 

Content used with permission by Resilience Alliance

Coaching Excellence – Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Organization

More and more studies are coming to the same conclusion: traditional performance management processes in organizations are NOT delivering better performance results, and in particular, not engaging and motivating employees. Recent research in neuroscience, and the results from applying a coach approach to managing people in organizations, has shown to: 

• Better engage employees in their work and their role. 
• Increase employee accountability and responsibility for their results. 
Build the capability of employees to deliver improved results.
• Create more positive, constructive behaviours.

Sustaining Change By Achieving Critical Mass

Achieving critical mass is a key part of building momentum and making change stick. Without it, stakeholders will likely revert back to the ways things were done before the change was introduced and there is a risk of not being able to sustain the change. 

5 Ways to Respond Effectively to Change Reactions

Whenever change occurs, there will always be various reactions. For some, change can cause fear, doubt anxiety, insecurity, or perhaps ambivalence. While for others, change means excitement, anticipating opportunities, and looking forward to a new future. 

Change Management Practitioner (CMP) Certification – All You Need to Know

In this comprehensive webinar, Siobhan Brown CMP, PMP, CTDP will explain the benefits of the Change Management Practitioner (CMP) certification, and recent updates to the certification. Siobhan will provide an overview of the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certification programs. She will also review the study requirements and identify all the practical applications of the course.

Introducing Updates to PMI’s CCR Program and PMP Exam Changes

Things are changing! In this informative webinar, we will cover two topics. First up, PMI®‘s updated CCR program, the Talent Triangle and how TidalShift will make it easy for you to continue to maintain your credentials with our new PDU Webinar program. We will also go over a few specific changes to the PMP® Exam that will impact those who are working towards their PMP®

Wondering how to navigate PMI®‘s new Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR)? Join us for a brief overview of the changes to the program and what you can do to ensure you properly maintain your certification while continuing to gain valuable skills. Not PMP® certified? We will also be taking a quick look at some changes to the PMP® Exam, specifically the Role Delineation Study and how those changes will impact the exam. Both topics covered in this webinar will be of interest to those in the process of obtaining or maintaining their PMP®


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